REG NO : E7710 (BRD) | ESTD DATE : 29/08/2013

Vision / Mission

We as a Trust aim for betterment of lives of the needy & underprivileged peoples of our society & country.

The main objective of the trust is to provide necessary assistance to the needy, worthy & underprivileged peoples of our society by carrying out activities. The trust shall function individually or jointly with other institutions for fulfilment of the objectives.

Address :
A/38, Wisteria Bunglows, B/h Billabong School, Vadsar, Vadodara - 10

Contact :
+91 9924119255

E-mail :

Our Objectives

• To organise / assist free medical check-up camps in rural & urban areas.

• To provide medical expenses to children suffering from serious ailments.

• To provide basic necessities to Orphanages, Widow Homes and Old Age Homes.

• To provide basic necessities and financial help to those institutions working for the benefit of physically & mentally challenged peoples, to create awareness in the society for the acceptance of such peoples.

• To provide help to people affected from natural calamities and / or to support various institutions engaged in same activity.

• To provide financial assistance to needy & worthy children in the field of education by providing them free note books and other study materials, uniforms, school fees, scholarship etc.

• To provide financial support to established institution or individual working to help seniors, needy & children in various fields.

• To build up or assist in running “Dharmashala” for the pilgrims.

• To help needy, worthy people to attain self-sufficiency in various fields to pursue life with self-respect.

• To help needy middle class people to sustain their basic requirement.

• To encourage & reward, talents and creative activities carried out by worthy individuals in fields of Literature, Ecology, Religion & Spiritual Developments, Education, Sports, Enriching Human Values, Art, Science, Technology & Commerce, Humanities & Cultural Developments and any other subject for upliftment of human society and welfare of other living species in general.

• To carry out any other humanitarian service to the society.