Quality Control

The objective has always been to produce array of products having good quality, sure dependability, high efficiency and long durability at affordable prices; possessing appealing aesthetics for complete satisfaction.

At Star Plastic Industries, continual improvement of products, system and service as per national and international standards are carried out to maintain and set higher benchmark of accomplishments.

To achieve quality & perfection, the products passes through stringent quality tests which are as follows -

1. Testing

Testing of incoming Raw Material for its MFI index and lot variations.

2. Inspection & Servicing

Inspection & Servicing of Moulds prior to productions to ascertain defect less & clean articles.

3. Intensive Check

Physical defects, Dimensions, Wall Thicknesses, Drop Test, Weights, Fitting of the Closures, Homogeneous mixing of the pigments & Part Quality are tested during the productions.

4. Packing & Dispatches

Packing & Dispatches are supervised to ensure accurate quantity/weights, Defect less product, Sturdy Cartons/Bags, adequate Coding/Marking and safe Transport.

5. Protection

The produced goods are adequately stored and guarded against Direct Sunlight, Dusting, and Humidity & Moisture.

Critical analysis of products are carried out with latest testing technology and systems to ensure world class products. We conduct several tests as per USP 661 and 671.

Physicochemical Test
Heavy Metal
Buffering capacity
Non-Volatile Residue
Residue on ignition
Thermal Analysis (DSC Test)
Light Transmission by UV
Material Identification by FT